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15 April, 1999
I guess this site is finished for now. I still intend to someday do a full edit of the text, polish it up more, add stories, etc. But since it's been a year, and I now have a new site to work on, it's time to move on...

10 April, 1998
Just scanned in some of my photos from the trip and did some redesign. You know the routine, click on the thumbnail to see the full picture. They are also scattered throughout the reports.

2 April, 1998
Done typing! Got the rest of the Nepal reports typed in. Now, time to do some editing, add some stories, scan the photos in, and clean the site up. My typing was messy when I was paying US$10/hr! :-)

13 March, 1998
End of the road. I'm going to finish off the rest of the reports as soon as possible. Let's see what I can add to Nepal for now...

OK, I added more to Nepal, but I got bored, so I jumped ahead and finished the second part of my Thailand reports.

9 March, 1998
On a hot and steamy midday on Koh Samui, I'm hiding out from the sweaty streets in a nice cool internet café. I finished the rest of my first Thailand reports, and started for Nepal. More later, as I use up my remaining Baht on internet access and prepare for my return to the Real World (TM)

3 March, 1998
Well, that went quickly enough. Back from Nepal now. Access there was too expensive, so only getting back to the reports now... Lost the weight, lost the tan, almost lost my life (just kidding, Mom) up in the mountains. I've added more of my Thailand reports now. Will get the rest done as soon as I can.

29 January, 1998
OK, a quick change in plans. I'm off to Nepal! Just bought my ticket today, and I fly out tomorrow. I've gotten fat and lazy here in paradise, so I decided to get in shape. Some people go on a diet, I go to the Himalaya. I'll try to finish the rest of my Thailand reports from Kathmandu.

27 January, 1998
Whew! Many thanks to Bill Piehler for emailing me the Thailand reports he had saved on his machine. He saved me a lot of typing! I'm backing up now. I'll have some new reports as soon as possible.

26 January, 1998
Sorry, I had a problem last Friday, and the entire Thailand reports were wiped out. Still holding out in hopes someone may mail me a saved version (please?), but if not soon, then *sigh* I'll start typing them all in again. Boy, what a time to forget about backups!

10 January, 1998
More updates for Thailand.

9 January, 1998
Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, and all that stuff. Started typing in my Thailand reports today. Seems my typing has slowed a bit, so you'll have to wait for the rest. I'll get more done next week I think. Enough for today, I have things to do, people to meet, Pad Thai to eat!

19 December, 1997
Sorry about no updates on the Thailand journals. Been having trouble finding decent internet access for anything but email. When I get to Bangkok (sometime around the New Year) I should be able to get it all done. Until then, Happy Holidays!

7 December, 1997
Well, I made it to Thailand! Sitting in an internet café just steps away from the beach, where I'm about to go for a swim. Such a hard life... Thailand reports coming soon. I've finished my Singapore reports.

3 December, 1997
Leaving Singapore! I got lazy and bought an air ticket to Phuket this morning. I'm leaving in two hours. This time tomorrow, I'll be lying on a beach. I'll update my reports from there.

27 November, 1997
Better access at an internet café at the end of Boat Quay (near the bridge). I added my Singapore reports so far. Nothing much to read yet. Going out tonight, there might be some drinking stories to add before long... :-)

26 November, 1997
Arrived in Singapore last night after two loong flights JFK-Tokyo (14 hours), then Tokyo-Singapore (6 hours). I'll add a report as soon as I find a decent connection. (I'm typing this blind, as the connection is so bad, the screen is unreadable!)

14 November, 1997
Well, I just received my tickets this morning, so it looks like I'll make it yet. Nothing else for now, just frantically getting things done... Travel insurance, Cobra (for when I get back), gear, packing up the apartment, finishing the old web site, etc.

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